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A film production veteran, cause-related event producer, and long-time devotee to the Conscious Capitalism Movement, Maureen has always been inspired by the power of business to do good in the world. With a background in financial services management and communications, most recently as the former COO of McComsey Asset Management, she brings a strong business acumen with passion for social enterprise and entrepreneurship. She also knows with complete certainty that dogs make the world a better place.

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  • published GROWING THE MOVEMENT.., BUT HOW? in happenings 2018-05-15 12:18:46 -0700



    It’s not your imagination.

    More and more businesses are adopting a purpose-driven, conscious approach to business practices, with an an increased awareness for sustainability – addressing economic, environmental and societal issues alike. There’s more recognition that businesses are not solely economic entities but part of our society with serious responsibilities. This notion was amplified in BlackRock CEO Larry Fink’s annual letter to S&P CEOs which stated that moving forward, the companies it invests in must also serve a social purpose. Great news and encouraging to fellow Conscious Capitalists who have long held that without a sense of purpose, no company, either public or private, can achieve its full potential. 

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  • B-Corp Hackathon Wrap Up


    It is no secret that B Corporations are better companies – better for workers, better for communities and better for the environment. At CCLA, we see a the B Corporation movement and certification as an invaluable tool for furthering the practice of Conscious Capitalism.

    This is why on October 10th, 2017 we hosted our first of many B Corp focused educational initiatives in collaboration with B Local, at the gorgeous Macher offices in Venice. And how lucky are we to have a thriving B Corporation community here in Los Angeles?! B Local LA is a community devoted to knowledge sharing through best practices and creating a more sustainable community in Los Angeles. 

    Attendees were led through a deep dive into B Corp organizations, step by step they were guided through the assessment process and were given valuable insights into the nuances of becoming a B Corp. Certification processes can always be challenging, but thanks to this workshop, for all of those attending, the process was much faster and easier as they received support and guidance from those who have gone through it already.  

    Many thanks to our gracious hosts including presenter, Andrea Chase, Marketing & Product Director, Falcon Waterfree Technologies,  Francesco Barbera of Barbera Corporate Law, P.C., and Derek Hydon, President at Macher.


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    A New Take on Giving Thanks



    Oh, November. We instinctively associate you with crisp air, the holiday buzz starting to creep into our consciousness, reunions with loved ones, and of course, giving thanks. Yet we challenge our community to stop and consider how the notion of GIVING can be the purest example of being grateful. And who better to lead us into what giving really means, than Brit Gilmore, President of The Giving Keys, the LA based social enterprise, jewelry and lifestyle brand whose primary mission is to help employ others impacted by homelessness.

    With a 288k+ Insta following, a team exceeding 70 employees, and revenues of $8.6 million last year, it’s obvious that The Giving Key's passion for merging fashion and philanthropy is speaking to consumers. Loudly.  

    Check out our interview with Brit below.

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