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We beep, we buzz, we ding. Every single minute, of every single hour, of every single day. We are SO “connected”, that we are truly disconnected. We all crave authentic connections with one another that quite ironically, seem really hard to come by most days.

So how do we get around it? This is one of the reasons CCLA is so passionate about our storytelling initiative; we are truly striving to build authentic, human connections through the art of storytelling. Simply put, people sharing their personal stories of how they are changing lives for the better through purpose. Purpose at work, at home, in the community. Los Angeles is obviously known globally as the master storyteller of the big screen, and now CCLA has the not-so-small vision of having stories of LA’s most conscious businesses become a major part of our city’s legacy as well. Ready? Set? Go!

CCLA’s Sum + Substance event in March, was an evening of storytelling, authentic connections and action. Partnering with the amazing Sum + Substance crew, we welcomed some of SoCal’s most prominent mission-driven leaders, who not only shared stories of their purpose in business - the why behind the what - but presented us all with a challenge to spark our own creative genius and have meaning take center stage in our own careers.

Missed the event? We got you covered! Check out the entire evening in the Sum + Substance playlist, on our YouTube channel, or watch each speakers story by clicking the names below.

Our guest speakers and the challenges they shared:

NATASHA CASE, Founder of Coolhaus Ice Cream:  
As a visual person, Natasha challenges all of us to think about what we want to create in the world, and draw a picture of what that would look like. There’s accountability when it’s on the page.

LEWIS C. HORNE, President of Southern California & Hawaii Decision at CBRE, Inc.: Lewis is passionate about solving the homeless crisis in Los Angeles, and he asks us not to speak in platitudes, but to get ENGAGED. He challenges us to visit a shelter or the union rescue mission and actually meet and get to know the folks there, for they are human beings just like us. In his words, “We have got to do more.”

SARAH NORTH, Head of Television at SoulPancake:  
Sarah asks that we tell someone that is giving 110% that we appreciate them and give them the surprising thank you that they weren’t expecting. She also challenges us, if we’re feeling feisty, to get out there and press our own button, because, as she says, “you do deserve to be your own number one.”

TERESA ORSOLINIO, CMO at Swell Investing:
Teresa challenges us to write down the three things that we value the most, and then think about how we can build our lives around those three things. Teresa’s three core values are love, learning, and adventure.

SAM POLK, Founder of Everytable:  
After a career as a hedge fund trader, Sam shifted gears and coasts to address how to get healthy affordable food to all of Los Angeles, and he has his eyes set on feeding the whole country.


You guessed it, now it’s your turn. How would YOU tell the story of your business? Of your career? Thinking through this will help you clarify YOUR overall purpose, and hopefully inspire yourself and those whom you share it with.

Share your story with us for the chance to see it featured in our website and social channels.
Reflect, get inspired and inspire others into action!

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