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Maureen McComsey

Maureen McComsey @moesmac

Executive Director, CCLA

A film production veteran, cause-related event producer, and long-time devotee to the Conscious Capitalism Movement, Maureen has always been inspired by the power of business to do good in the world. With a background in financial services management and communications, most recently as the former COO of McComsey Asset Management, she brings a strong business acumen with passion for social enterprise and entrepreneurship. She also knows with complete certainty that dogs make the world a better place.

Lisa Schenk

Lisa Schenk

President, Schenk Communications

Lisa Schenk, Ph.D. has over 20 years experience helping leaders, their teams, and their companies thrive. With a mission to make work work, Lisa helps teams build alignment, improve critical interpersonal dynamics, and create and sustain the behaviors that get results. A Ph.D. in Communication and five years at McKinsey & Company, led Lisa to build her consulting business on a foundation of data-driven diagnoses paired with deep understanding of human dynamics and complex systems. She has spent her entire career helping organizations work for people and holds firmly to the belief that by doing business well, we can make the world better.

Kent Frazier

Kent Frazier @kenthfrazier

Chief Evolutionary Officer, Strengthscope U.S

Kent has spent his entire career helping people understand why they work; how they can contribute towards something bigger than themselves; how to develop & share their unique skills, knowledge, and other talents in ways that bring them a lasting sense of fulfillment; and how to help others through their labors of love. He engages leaders who are committed to long-term success and are dedicated to navigating the increasing speed and complexity of today's business landscape through continued personal and professional development as they move toward a more full expression of their authentic Self. He believes that to achieve and sustain success in today’s marketplace, leaders and organizations need to develop a more complex perspective. By adopting an Integral approach to business along with the philosophy of Conscious Capitalism, Kent helps organizations maximize profits by integrating their purpose and values with a stakeholder-centric model that acknowledges the interdependency of customers, employees, suppliers/vendors, shareholders, communities, and the environment.

Rúna Bouius

Rúna Bouius @RunaBouius

CEO, Runa Bouius

Rúna is the Icelandic CEO/Entrepreneur turned change agent, author, speaker, Conscious Leadership/Business advisor and guide to the next generation leaders and their businesses. She consults, facilitates, and promotes the principles and “How To’s” of the new leadership mindset of the 21st Century. Apart from the companies Rúna founded and ran in Iceland, she co-founded the Conscious Leader Network, is a board member and co-producer of the TOGETHER! Network Co, and a Co-Founder of the Conscious Capitalism LA Chapter (CC-LA). She is a contributing author for the e.MILE People Development Magazine. Rúna’s website is

Rocio Villalobos

Rocio Villalobos @rociotweets

Founder & Creative Director, VidroMedia

Rocio is the Founder and Creative director of VidroMedia, a purpose-driven creative agency that has been serving Los Angeles and international clients for over 15 years. With a focus on Strategy and Conscious Business, Rocio is passionate about working with companies and organizations that are changing the way we do business and are contributing positively to the world, all the while creating win-win situations for themselves, their communities and the planet.

Having grown up in South America, and lived in Europe and the U.S., Rocio is culturally diverse and passionate about bringing cultural insights and perspectives into strategies both for her clients as well as for the programming and events for CCLA. 

Abby Allen

Abby Allen @Perfectlymixt

Founder, Neon Butterfly

A Madison Ave. ad agency veteran, pizza fanatic and founder of Neon Butterfly, a brand consultancy that helps passionate do-gooders of all kinds bring their projects to life. Neon Butterfly's clients range from Alcoa to solar companies and award winning films. She’s a NYC native living in L.A. who is endlessly fascinated with people and why they do what they do. She brings big agency experience to small businesses and startups because she believes that the more people who follow their dreams the better.  In her spare time Abby works on Perfectly Mixed, a project telling the stories of interracial couples and mixed race individuals across the country.

Francesco Barbera

Francesco Barbera @fbarbera

Founder, Barbera Corporate Law, P.C.

Francesco is a corporate attorney with 14+ years of experience advising entrepreneurs and businesses in all stages of development, from pre-formation start-ups to mature enterprises, with a special emphasis on benefit corporations and social enterprises. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Francesco advises founders and entrepreneurs with respect to formation, capital raising, employee and consulting arrangements, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance and business operations, and serves as outside general counsel to numerous companies in the tech, digital, health care and mobile space. In addition to his legal background, Francesco has completed extensive graduate work and professional development in the fields of psychology and personal development, work which profoundly informs his approach to business, law and entrepreneurship.

Josh Allan Dykstra

Josh Allan Dykstra @joshallan

Co-CEO, Forte

Josh Allan Dykstra is a recognized thought leader on the future of work and company culture design. His articles and ideas have been featured by Fast Company, Forbes, The Huffington Post, and Business Insider. He is the Co-CEO of Forte, a consulting group that helps organizations and leaders leverage the power of a strong culture, and Co-Founder of The Work Revolution, a movement/advocacy group that promotes life-giving work environments for everyone. Josh's eclectic background includes projects with organizations like Apple, Sony, Genentech, Microsoft, HTC, and UCLA as well as startups and nonprofits. He holds an MBA in Executive Leadership from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and his latest book, Igniting the Invisible Tribe: Designing An Organization That Doesn’t Suck, is available on

Julie Hasson


Conscious Business Leadership, Executive Advisor,

Julie is a results-oriented conscious business leader with more than 20 years experience working with senior executives in Fortune 500 companies. Among these are Carrefour, L’Oreal and Estee Lauder, where she served as Chief Marketing Officer. She specializes in digital communication, brand strategy, and guiding corporations through integration of socially responsible ecosystems. She has an outstanding track record working internationally, driving results and leading multiple stakeholders through digital forward approaches.

Julie is currently consulting in Digital & "Purpose Driven" Transformation in the ecosystems of Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, NYC, France and Israel, for RebellionLab/Fabernovel, Société Générale, Allianz, etc. and Conscious Capitalism - Los Angeles Chapter.

Julie is also a public speaker on Conscious Evolution and Capitalism and is currently co-authoring a book under the guidance of Dr. Mark Goulston and Russell Bishop on “Breakthrough into Purpose."

Mika Kim

Mika Kim

Executive Director, Place of the Future

Mika Kim, M.S. from the University of Southern California, is the Executive Director at Place of the Future, a Los Angeles based Certified B-Corp Organizational Consultancy that transforms businesses through impact driven work. She joined the CCLA Board of Directors in 2016 and is the recipient of the American Express Foundations’ 50 Under 40 “Social Entrepreneurs’ of the Year” presented by the Social Enterprise Alliance. With over 10 years of experience, she specializes in Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting and has led teams at Microsoft, Boeing, Wells Fargo, Amgen, CBRE and Citigroup.

When not reading books during her free time, she can be found meditating and spending time on introspection with a concentration on serving the greater good.

Patricia Neuray

Patricia Neuray

CEO and Founder, Tangelo Media

Patricia Neuray has over 20 years experience in marketing and sales strategy. She has managed large teams at companies like Monster Worldwide,, and Yahoo where she was responsible for over $300 million in revenue. She has also developed sales strategies for many diverse product offerings such as SAAS, consulting services, behavioral advertising and customized content. Patricia currently runs her own full-service marketing and creative agency called Tangelo Media

Belinda Tung

Belinda Tung @Beechang

Founder, Clean Beauty PR

Belinda Tung is the founder of Clean Beauty PR. Her company supports beauty and wellness brands that are raising the consciousness around clean beauty and holistic wellness. What she has discovered in working with small-batch wellness brands is that they often have a higher purpose – whether it is supporting the planet and people or raising consumer consciousness around bettering our world – it is never just about the product, or the profits. This has shifted her perspective as a conscious consumer and she avidly seeks out brands that adhere to a higher purpose. Belinda is also an advocate of Waldorf education and believes Waldorf education is a force of good for our children. She would like to reimagine the future of public education in Los Angeles.

Cj Bruce

Cj Bruce @cjbruce

Founder and CEO, ChuckJoe

CJ Bruce is the Founder and CEO of ChuckJoe, a conscious digital agency focused on helping brands and organizations with a purpose build automated digital marketing systems that reach, engage and convert new customers. CJ has worked with brands, agencies, media companies, influencers, and small businesses for more than ten years and lives by the motto that without social good baked into companies’ business models, the work is not fulfilling. CJ received his B.A. in Communication and Media Studies and Political Science from the University of Arizona. He is also a trained vegan chef and posts regularly as @VegetarianDude.

Kirsten Ludwig

Kirsten Ludwig @WeInGoodCo

President and Founder, In Good Company

President and Founder of IN GOOD CO, a culture-conscious brand consultancy that aligns people and organizations around a purpose, creates connections and inspires action. A global collective of creatives, strategists, designers, thinkers and makers. They work with startups, Fortune 500s and nonprofits to create and align internal and external cultures and build visionary brands. A creative and lifestyle marketer with 20 years of experience, Kirsten has transformed agencies, created brands, pioneered experiences, led teams and much more. Uniqlo, Anthropologie, Ralph Lauren, Google, Nike and Starbucks are just a few Kirsten has inspired. When not traveling between coasts she can be found checking out the latest culinary spots or styling a witty photoshoot of her children, Hudson and Sailor.

Steve Phillips

Steve Phillips @SphillipsSteve

Phillips Associates Management Consulting, CCLA

In his relentless effort to deliver uncommon results, Dr. Steve Phillips has built an enviable reputation for his consulting services focusing on senior leadership off-sites that get results, strategic planning, designing and building high performance cultures, and executive leadership.

Steve has not only consulted for some of the most well-known companies in the world including Microsoft, PepsiCo, Viacom, Mattel, Boeing, and the LA Clippers, but also has extensive experience as a Senior Executive serving as the SVP Chief Talent Officer for a privately held 1B company with 10,000 employees. Additionally, Dr. Phillips has served on the faculties of Purdue, San Diego State, Pepperdine and USC, has written 7 highly informative books including the bestselling, The Team-Building Source Book and served as the President of both the Entrepreneurs Organization and the American Society of Training and Development. Steve received his Masters of Arts degree in Organizational Communication from Purdue and his Masters of Science and Ph.D. from USC.

Cassie Fowler

Cassie Fowler @cassjfowler

Vice President of Strategy & Social Impact, Pledgeling

Cassandra (Cassie) Fowler is a mission-driven entrepreneur committed to turning big ideas into reality. As Vice President of Strategy & Social Impact at Pledgeling, Cassie leads a team to enable companies of all sizes to grow through giving. Pledgeling powers corporate impact partnerships in today's purpose-driven economy by delivering ROI through impact for companies while also measuring impact through their platform. Pledgeling powers 1,000+ CSR and corporate impact programs, which have raised $11M+ for thousands of nonprofits and processed donations in 80+ countries, to date. Prior to Pledgeling, Cassie spent 15 years building global programs at scale for the Green Belt Movement International & other organizations, including media properties with Bloomberg and Al Jazeera English. Working hand-in-hand with 2004 Nobel Peace Laureate Dr. Wangari Maathai of Kenya, she helped launch the Nobel Women's Initiative and Plant for the Planet Campaign, in partnership with the United Nations, which has planted 15B+ trees globally. Cassie pioneered the first CSR relationships for several nonprofits, and is passionate about architecting innovative models for public-private partnerships to thrive.


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