B-Corp Hackathon Wrap Up


It is no secret that B Corporations are better companies – better for workers, better for communities and better for the environment. At CCLA, we see a the B Corporation movement and certification as an invaluable tool for furthering the practice of Conscious Capitalism.

This is why on October 10th, 2017 we hosted our first of many B Corp focused educational initiatives in collaboration with B Local, at the gorgeous Macher offices in Venice. And how lucky are we to have a thriving B Corporation community here in Los Angeles?! B Local LA is a community devoted to knowledge sharing through best practices and creating a more sustainable community in Los Angeles. 

Attendees were led through a deep dive into B Corp organizations, step by step they were guided through the assessment process and were given valuable insights into the nuances of becoming a B Corp. Certification processes can always be challenging, but thanks to this workshop, for all of those attending, the process was much faster and easier as they received support and guidance from those who have gone through it already.  

Many thanks to our gracious hosts including presenter, Andrea Chase, Marketing & Product Director, Falcon Waterfree Technologies,  Francesco Barbera of Barbera Corporate Law, P.C., and Derek Hydon, President at Macher.


Get ready in 2018 as we explore B Corporations even further! Future plans include a Webinar earlier in the year, along with workshops towards Q3 and Q4. 

So what exactly is a Benefit Corporation?
B Corps are a new form of firms and entities that focus not solely on financial goals and their shareholders’ benefits, but choose a holistic approach to generate value and quality for all stakeholders alike: Employees, customers, community, vendors, suppliers, partnerships, media, as well as shareholders. In conclusion, they care about their entire supply chain.

Their sustainable leadership paradigms are based on the triple bottom line: economy, environment and society, and their overall objective is doing “Business for Good” / “Profit for Good”. B Corps care genuinely about all resources, pursue fair trade and strive for the well-being of humanity. Their leadership style is not about command and control - instead, is centered around passion, engagement, care, esteem and cooperation. The overall mission is thriving and flourishing on both, quantitative, and in particular, on qualitative levels. 

It's safe to say that with amazing tools like the B Corporation certification process, along with such an engaged and supportive B Local community, we are one step closer to our goal of Los Angeles becoming the most Conscious City in the U.S.!


Special thanks to  Urs Dieter Zimmermann, for the wrap up!


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